Smithsonian's National Zoo

A Pleasant Pandaversary


The Smithsonian's National Zoo needed a visual identity to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of their internationally recognized panda conservation program. To capture the spirit of a program with such a history, the identity design needed to address a broad range of occasions and applications—celebratory events, information campaigns, signage, merchandise, formal and informal settings—for all kinds of audiences. The identity also needed to fit in with the existing panda materials, and make reference to the panda program, the 50th anniversary, and its connection to the National Zoo.


After exploring various logo concepts, we eventually settled on the unconventional approach of using two logos—one slightly more informal and playful with the "Pandaversary" title, and one slightly more formal badge highlighting the conservation aspect of the panda program. We then adapted the two separate logos to feel more like a coordinated matching pair, revising the typography and adjusting the illustrations to feel like the same panda viewed from different angles. Finally, we settled on a direction for color that incorporated the red and green that feature prominently in the zoo's panda exhibit.

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