Capital Area Food Bank

Addressing Food Insecurity on Campus


Capital Area Food Bank recently partnered with the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area to co-sponsor the Regional College Hunger Conference with the goal of raising awareness around food insecurity amongst college students. Sadly, rates of food insecurity on college campuses are rising. According to a recent national-level survey, 34% of college students have experienced food insecurity within the last year. We were asked to create a distinct look and feel for the conference that would speak to a demographically-diverse college audience.


Keeping CAFB and the Consortium’s established branding in mind, we designed a logo that combines the mortar board graduation cap with a fork in place of the traditional tassel. Shades of green were used to symbolize that mental and physical growth starts with food. If students and their families aren’t well-nourished, they can’t learn effectively. In addition to the logo, we created signage, presentation templates, printed materials, and conference swag for the event.

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