Capital Area Food Bank

Keeping Summer Hunger-Free


Children who rely on school breakfast and lunch programs during the school year often face hunger when classrooms and cafeterias are closed. Through Capital Area Food Bank’s Summer Meals program, CAFB provides nutritious meals kids need to continue growing and learning, even when school isn’t in session. We were asked to create an awareness campaign for the program that would grab the attention of kids and their families and encourage them to take part in the program as needed.


We created a series of colorful, fun, and nutritious-looking anthropomorphic food item illustrations that would get kids excited about healthy eating. We paired those with simple, engaging, custom headline typography (in both English and Spanish) and a bold call to action on posters, postcards, banners, and billboards. The call to action would bring families to a website for more information on the locations for meals in their area. On-site at meal locations, CAFB also had t-shirts for volunteers and temporary tattoos of the foodie friends to share with the kids.

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