American Historical Association

Bringing History Forward


How do you keep history up-to-date? The American Historical Association (AHA) approached us with this challenge when they were in need of organizational rebranding. The historians and scholars that formed their membership base desired a more modern aesthetic that could be implemented easily throughout print and digital media.


Through a series of design thinking workshops, we helped AHA's team hone in on a set of core values, which then guided the creative direction. We built their new look around a simple timeline that echoes the past, present, and future. The cool, modern palette breaks away from the cliched sepia tones that is usually associated with old artifacts. As part of AHA's new branded collateral, we created custom illustrations for their major annual event.

I first worked with Eighty2degrees when they developed stunning marketing materials for a major Smithsonian conference. When AHA was looking to redesign our own materials, we knew they were the team to work with. They created a modern brand that reflects the long history of our organization and clearly embodies our vision.
Dana L. Schaffer, American Historical Association
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