Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF)

Fighting Racial Bias


A national Sikh American media, policy, and educational organization, SALDEF, collaborated with Stanford’s Peace Innovation Lab to survey the American public on their awareness and perceptions of Sikh Americans, with a special focus on their custom of wearing a turban as an expression of their faith. But the survey data was static, and we were invited to craft an engaging, educational, and intriguing visual report to showcase the results and tell a story that would contribute to public dialogue and encourage understanding and action.


We researched SALDEF’s mission on a deeper level to discover how the data resonated with us so that we could represent it in a creative and compelling way. It wasn’t just about making a report look good – it was about designing with an intention to promote good – with a thoughtful and purpose-driven concept that combined data visualization with clean design and striking photography. Ultimately, it acted as a discussion-starter for Sikh American issues.

Turban Myths was monumental in the progression of our community, and from an organizational perspective. Eighty2degrees created a vision for this project, and synthesized a very complex issue with equally complex data, communicating the report findings and data in a meaningful way. Eighty2degrees has been a great partner for many years.
Jasjit Singh, Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund
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