BC Weed Co.

Carefully Cultivated Cannabis


BC Weed Co., a conscious Canadian cannabis company, teamed with Eighty2degrees and one of our development partners, Lightning Fruit, to help rebuild and relaunch their company website. With a new owner and changes to Canadian government regulations on cannabis, BC Weed needed to transition from marketing itself as a medicinal provider to a recreational provider of cannabis products. Regulations also limited talking about the cannabis lifestyle in order to prevent glamorizing its use and enticing underage people to use cannabis. Additionally, BC Weed wanted to share the company’s long history as part of the cannabis movement in Canada, that the company comes from a place of people over profits, and how carefully cultivated and curated its products are by local British Columbia growers.



Using a stippling style texture and a newly expanded color palette, we created a series of illustrations as the main visuals for the website. They depict the varied terroir of British Columbia that is so conducive to growing cannabis. The stippling style references trichomes, the tiny hair-like outgrowths that cover the cannabis flower. The site includes stories about local growers and their communities, and BC Weed’s preservation process. We designed a label-like information container for each product that houses the name, description, flavor notes, chemical makeup, and retailer info. These are paired with detailed photos of the product and proprietary packaging. Lightning Fruit developed a custom WordPress site that includes blog and e-commerce functionality as well as an age gate and email sign-up.

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