Inter-American Dialogue

Celebrating Connection


The Dialogue asked for our help to create branding and collateral for their 2018 Awards Gala, held in celebration of three honorees—an entrepreneur, and advocate, and a poet—and their accomplishments. The branding and materials needed to feel appropriately special for a formal gala event, and also needed to suit the Dialogue’s work of shaping policy and fostering connection and cooperation across the Americas.


We created a logo for the gala that uses a delicate concentric wave pattern to suggest the ripples that are caused by bringing together influential people and diverse perspectives. What begins in the center as the outline of the American continents blooms outward into a beautiful and unexpected organic shape. We also introduced a deep red and gold color palette to add a feeling of warmth and a sense of occasion for the gala.

The printed materials were designed to help reinforce the mood of honor and celebration. We combined the delicacy of the logo with accents of rich color to create an overall design that strikes a balance between bold and elegant. Every aspect of the printed pieces—from the paper stock to the typography to the copper saddle-stitching on the program—was carefully considered to make sure that the final product felt special.


The Gala was a great success, and was praised as one of the best events of its kind. More than 300 people attended, and the Dialogue successfully raised more than $600,000 and broadened their base of supporters. The color scheme and designed materials helped to create a sense of occasion and polish while still feeling warm and inviting. Attendees mentioned the elegant visuals as part of what made the event feel so special, and many took their programs home with them.

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