Challenge for Family Planning


Since its inception in 2012, the United Nations Foundation's Family Planning 2030 (FP2030) has aimed to deepen the global commitment to meeting women’s unmet need for contraception. FP2030 is the only global partnership centered solely on family planning and has become a central platform for family planning, providing an unparalleled space for stakeholders to convene, align, share knowledge, broker resources, and advance the field. FP2030 wanted to create a progress report microsite that would highlight key data and milestones the FP2030 initiative has achieved since its establishment and lay out the vision for the next phase of the initiative. The site needed to appeal to funders, local governments, NGOs, and international agencies. Additionally, FP2030 wanted team members to be able to update the site internally with the latest financial data, regional profile data, and new partnerships.


We picked up the existing FP2030 branding and interpreted it in a new manner for the report site. FP2030 is organized into regional hubs around the globe. To reflect that, we introduced new regionally inspired patterns to illustrate their locations. We crafted photo collages that incorporate patterning, healthcare and contraceptive iconography, and intentionally selected photography to ensure we were highlighting FP2030's diverse demographic. We used the warmer brand colors in a more predominant way to give optimistic, youthful, and approachable tones to the site. The site was developed as a custom build, created in WordPress, so it would be easy to use, update, and expand the site as FP2030 needs.

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