So Others Might Eat (SOME)

Making Online Access to Care and Hope Easier


After creating a new identity and brand to reflect the breadth and depth of its services, So Others Might Eat (SOME) wanted to first implement it on its website. The information-rich site was in need of a complete overhaul from the ground up. We were asked to deconstruct and rebuild the site so it was more visually appealing and easier for all of SOME’s audiences to navigate. In addition, SOME wanted to be able to update the site internally in an easy and efficient manner.


Partnering with our digital content strategist, we dug deep into understanding what was working and not working for users on SOME's existing website. After a complete landscape analysis, we reorganized the content of the site. Once the site map was approved, we tackled the structure of the site, creating wireframes that outlined how the hierarchy of information would work and how the site would be navigated. Working with our development partners, we built a design system of 15 “plug and play” modules in the WordPress platform that would allow SOME flexibility and ease of use when creating new pages for the website on their own. Using the newly established toolkit, we implemented the new brand across all 60 pages of the SOME site.

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