Committing to Rights-Based Family Planning


After undergoing a complete rebrand, the United Nations Foundation’s Family Planning 2030 (FP2030) team needed a new website to publicly launch their new identity and show a more forward-thinking approach. Much of the content on the previous site was outdated, creating a content-dense user experience that was difficult to navigate and turned away users. We conducted a user study consisting of researchers, government officials, and subject matter experts to identify major pain points and the resources they needed most.


We created a cleaner, more streamlined website that highlighted key resources and organized pages in a more intuitive way for users. In design, we breathed new life into FP2030’s website through bold typography, photo treatments, and color. We helped FP2030 build out their visual language and brought photography, icons, and illustrations together in a delightful way. The previous website played it safe through more subdued colors, type, and photos; the new website projects strength, diversity, and sense of community as people around the world rally to ensure that women have access to family planning and reproductive health services.

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