Planet Word

New Words for New Ideas


Planet Word, DC's newest museum, needed an ad campaign to raise public awareness of their offerings and bring in new visitors. The museum's mission—inspiring a love of words, language, and reading—is especially important in these remote times, and they wanted our help to spread the news about the immersive, enriching, surprising, and fun experience that the museum offers. Planet Word particularly wanted to give people an intriguing peek into the galleries and show that the museum is designed for people of all ages and interests.


We worked closely with the museum and brought in a team of talented collaborators to help bring the ad campaign to life. Hinging on the museum's unique positioning as a highly interactive, technologically rich experience, our concept introduces portmanteaus—such as "wonderstanding" and "storyvocative"—and the tagline "new ideas need new words" to highlight the novel approach. The visuals demonstrate visitors' awe and delight as they enjoy the museum's galleries, providing hints of what the museum offers without ruining the surprise. We made full use of Planet Word's expressive palette and, in collaboration with our photography and retouching team, created photo compositions with a vivid and magical feel. When the ads went up at bus shelters throughout DC, they provided a striking burst of color.

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