Vaccinate Your Family

Creating a Culture of Immunization


Vaccinate Your Family was looking to overhaul its approach to report design and engaged us to create a more dynamic, visual report that highlighted key data and themes. The organization also wanted a flexible design system that could be used for the design of future reports. Their most recent publication, Supporting Community-based Organizations to Reignite a Culture of Immunization, provided an overview of federal funding during the COVID-19 pandemic and whether adequate funding went to community-based organizations, the primary driver of vaccination rates in vulnerable communities.


Using elements of their existing brand, we crafted a new design aesthetic for the piece with a hopeful but serious tone. We utilized callouts, quotes, graphics, icons, scientific patterns, and illustrations to draw attention to important statistics and statements. We organized the report into sections and increased the amount of photography throughout to help highlight VYF’s very important work.

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