Capital City Public Charter School

Empowering Next-Gen Innovators


Center City Public Charter Schools is committed to providing academic excellence in Washington, DC, through a curriculum deeply rooted in liberal arts and humanities. In line with its innovative approach to education, the school is constructing a 20,000-square-foot STEM-based makerspace facility to cater to its 1,400 students. CCPCS sought Eighty2degrees’ assistance in branding the new space.


Drawing inspiration from strategic thinking games such as Tangrams and magnetic building tiles, which nurture imagination and creativity, we created a vibrant, friendly, geometric type-based logo. By overlapping shapes to create each letterform, we developed a custom typeface for the logomark. In addition to developing the logo for the new facility, we created additional assets including a factsheet, a brochure, a brand guide, and a series of templates.

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