Vaccinate Your Family

Designing Critical Public Health Information for All


Vaccinate Your Family—whose mission is to protect people of all ages from vaccine-preventable diseases with science-based information and outreach—was looking to overhaul its approach to its print publications including having a flexible design system that could be used on future marketing materials. The existing publications were information-rich, but hard for the reader to digest. VYF asked us to create a more dynamic, visual reading experience that highlighted key data and themes clearly and concisely.


Using elements of its existing brand, we crafted a new design aesthetic for Vaccinate Your Family's annual report and signature “State of the Immunion” report with a hopeful but serious tone. We utilized callouts, quotes, graphics, icons, scientific patterns, and illustrations to draw attention to important statistics and statements. We updated typography choices and employed the existing color palette in new ways including adding multi-color gradients. We increased the amount of photography throughout to help highlight VYF’s critical work. The new aesthetic was so well received that VYF asked us to redesign its website and social media templates as well.

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