Clean Cooking Alliance

Highlighting Progress in Clean Cooking


The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) advocates for using modern stoves and fuels to transform lives around the globe by improving health, protecting the climate and the environment, empowering women, and helping consumers save time and money. CCA asked Eighty2degrees to design their digital 2023 Annual Report. Intending to position the organization as a thought leader in their industry, the report highlights the initiatives, strategies, and results of its work from the past 12 months.


With an expanded brand toolkit we previously designed and implemented, we created an image-first design. We highlighted CCA's initiatives and global footprint with full-color, engaging photography and graphics, quotes, callouts, and success stories. We organized the content into sections and divided it into easy-to-digest segments. We used large areas of saturated, bright colors and gradients from the brand palette to capture CCA's hopeful tone for a world free of dangerous and toxic open fires and inefficient stove cooking.

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