Clean Cooking Alliance

Ensuring a Sustainable Future


Ahead of the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, the Clean Cooking Alliance wanted to create and share two significant reports on the impact of clean cooking. The reports highlight the key role that clean cooking plays in transforming the food system by mitigating climate change and environmental degradation, and highlight the critical role that clean cooking must play in ensuring sustainable and equitable urban growth, with a particular focus on the fast-growing cities of sub-Saharan Africa. CCA wanted the reports to incorporate the new brand system we developed for them, and for the reports to be easier to digest for the reader. The reports needed to have a professional, academic tone to them but also feel optimistic and modern.


Initially, we designed the look and feel of one of the reports. The design direction selected for the first report would inform the design of the second and any more to follow. Utilizing the new brand toolkit, we developed a flexible six-column grid system which allowed us to adjust margins to create more breathing room on the information-rich spreads. It also allowed us to incorporate case studies that stood out from the long-form content and include larger full-color imagery from CCA's photo library. We created navigational headers and color-coded section dividers to help the reader work their way through each report. We prominently introduced CCA's serif typeface to connote a research journal as well as large-scale callouts to add contrast and break up the content.

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