The Washington Chorus

Promoting World-Class Performances


Every year, music lovers from around the world look forward to the unveiling of The Washington Chorus’ concert lineup for the forthcoming season. Renowned as one of the foremost symphonic choruses in the nation, TWC envisions an inclusive community where choral music connects, reflects, and inspires everyone. For the 2023–2024 concert series, Eighty2degrees was asked to develop a unique suite of posters to promote the wide-ranging events.


With the success of the previous posters we created, TWC was eager to use illustration again for the series. We highlighted the key motifs and themes of each concert with custom illustrations crafted by different illustrators. Our goal was to create distinct visual narratives for each poster while unifying the series with similar elements, such as the typography treatment for supporting content, illustration containers, logo placement, and complementary color schemes. The artwork for the posters was also used to create a direct mail campaign and social media graphics.

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