Capital Area Food Bank

Facing Hunger Head-On at Home


According to recent findings by Capital Area Food Bank, one in three people in the Washington, DC–Maryland–Virginia area experience hunger. However, a large percentage of DMV residents do not view hunger as a major challenge impacting the region. To raise awareness that it is indeed a significant issue, CAFB wanted to launch a campaign to share the stories of food bank clients who have or are currently experiencing food insecurity in the DMV.


We designed a transit campaign, print ads, video end cards, and social media assets to inspire empathy and action within the DMV community. To humanize and localize the affected food bank clients, we paired full-color photography with graphics, statistics, and quotes that would frame each resident in their surroundings. The campaign builds upon Capital Area Food Bank’s visual identity with rounded, rectangular framing devices, select brand colors, and brand typography.

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