Clean Cooking Alliance

Sharing Perspectives on Clean Cooking


The Clean Cooking Alliance advocates for using modern stoves and fuels to transform lives around the globe by improving health, protecting the climate and the environment, empowering women, and helping consumers save time and money. To help position the organization as the clear thought leader in the clean cooking industry, CCA asked Eighty2degrees to develop a digital magazine to explore the pivotal links between various societal issues and access to clean cooking.


With an expanded brand toolkit that included new typefaces, an updated and expanded color palette, new photo treatments, and the introduction of gradients and icons, we set out to design a 36-page magazine, called Vantage Point. We created a masthead for the publication and established a flexible four-column grid. Organized into six "chapters," each article featured engaging imagery with dynamic headline treatments, vibrant backgrounds, digestible long-form content as well as sidebars, callouts, quotes, and bullets. Where applicable, interactive elements were suggested such as embedded videos, animated graphics, and linked content. While originally conceived as an interactive PDF, the client chose instead to use the online, digital-forward platform, Turtl, to deliver the magazine to its audiences.

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