Campaign Legal Center

Strength in Democracy


To celebrate their 15th Anniversary, the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) requested our help to create a much stronger brand identity. Using their newly-minted tagline, we were charged with creating a new logo, as well as all the accompanying visual assets and brand collateral. As an adamantly nonpartisan nonprofit that works to protect and strengthen the U.S. democratic process across all levels of government (through litigation, policy analysis, and public education), the CLC needed their new brand to clearly honor and represent the organizational mission. Our biggest challenge was to strike the right balance in portraying CLC’s “adamantly nonpartisan” aesthetic.


The CLC’s work covers all aspects of protecting democracy: redistricting/gerrymandering, campaign finance reform, government ethics, voting rights, and more. Inspired by the organization’s mission, we developed a new logo and other visuals built around the elements of the Corinthian columns found at the U.S. Supreme Court in DC, where the CLC finds themselves on all the big issues that challenge our democracy's integrity. The red and blue palette, in addition to the clean lines with angles, reflect the organization's nonpartisan stance and the forward progress that honors both the CLC and the foundation of U.S. democracy.

Throughout 2017, Campaign Legal Center worked with Eighty2degrees to refresh our brand identity and refresh it in 2022. Because of the nature of CLC’s work, we had to strike the right balance between academic/professional and modern/forward-looking. They listened to our concerns and feedback during each step of the process, and produced for us a new brand that hits exactly the right mark. We continually get compliments on how fantastic our new products look, and the new design is helping elevate our legal and policy work through solid brand recognition.
Sandhya Bhatija, CLC
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