Casey Trees

Growing Above


Casey Trees restores, enhances and protects the tree canopy of the nation's capital. They wanted to create an inspirational coffee table book that provides a visually stunning look at the growing field of creating green spaces in urban areas. The goal was to get this book into the hands of real estate developers, urban planners, architects, and others interested in building more sustainable cities, so that the ideas could be shared and implemented in urban areas around the world.


The book featured 15 profiles of "trees on structures" around Washington, DC, all containing photos and details of the trees that thrive in each space. We created an icon system for identifying each profile throughout the book, and strove to show the diversity of the trees and plants at each location, as well as the beauty and practicality of these built landscapes. The result was a beautiful book filled with lush photography that architects and tree enthusiasts alike could easily escape in for a couple hours.

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