Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

Women, Environmentalism, and Justice


An initiative of the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, Women's Environmental Leadership (WEL) aims to build the capacity for future environmental leadership. Our studio was enlisted to design a publication and set of cards for middle school classrooms that tells the stories of six women who have made vast but underrepresented contributions to environmental and social justice, including in the Anacostia region. Aligning with the mission of WEL, these educational materials broaden historical narratives, encourage new models for leadership, and inspire younger audiences.


Our primary intent was to humanize these female leaders’ stories and make them relatable to the target audience. We partnered with illustrator Jessica Bastidas to create beautiful, life-like portraits that provide a snapshot of each woman’s background, work, and interests. We also built a color system––informed by the illustrations––that guides readers through the publication and cards. Women, Environmentalism, and Justice has an approachable, reflective tone that honors each woman’s story and evokes the areas in which they've worked.

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